TGA: Pentatonic XXL

(TGA Book 07) Lingua Inglese

We are sure you all know the Pentatonic scale and how to use it in classic rock style, for example in solos we grew up listening to, like in Stairway to Heaven and Hotel California, in metal like Metallica and classic blues like The Thrill is Gone… but this book was written to give you a different perspective of the same five notes!

Common Major scale shapes have also an extended version formed by 3 notes per strings, so why not for the Pentatonic?

The main idea of this book is to give you some ideas to extend the Pentatonic scale with different shapes just to give you a different sound of the same five old famous notes!

CONTENT This book includes detailed diagrams how to extend Pentatonic scale with a lot of combinations. 20 warm-up and 30 Pentatonic XXL exercises to improve your visualization on the fretboard and your technique.

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