TGA: The Shred Guide

(TGA Book 06) Lingua: Inglese

This book is a collection of guitar exercises, more than 120 divided into 4 sections Alternate Picking, Legato Workout, Sweep Picking and Tapping.

Its main objective being that of offering you new instructions on how to improve your coordination, articulation and your command of the guitar, regardless of what music genre you play. Virtuosity means that you can play anything you desire.

As soon as you are ready to startyour daily practice, first thing always keep in mind the following three points:
Strings muting
Sound control
Correct articulation

These are the main points to focus each time you play any type of exercise,so that your hands can memorize the correct movement. It is also very importantto use always the right articulation for your hands and fingers justto play with confidence and to have the total control of your guitar.

All the exercises are based on G major Scale but as you will notice exercisesare like pattern that you can move up and down in your scal’s shape so the next step ischange the key of exercises following the circle of fifth and use these patterns on Harmonic or Melodic scale.

Metronome is very important and it will be your best friend duringthe study of this book…but don’t rush or be ossessive by it!

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