Cosa dicono sulla Tecnica:

"Francesco Fareri is part of the new movement in modern rock guitar that will take the torch that's been handed to him and propel it forward. After recording his new CD "Mechanism Reloaded", full of ferocious and passionate shredding, he's generous enough to put together a curriculum that shows us how he does it. I've always felt that technical mastery is an essential component of true virtuosity. Technical mastery means that everything you play sounds effortless. Virtuosity means that you can play anything you desire. So much of the guitar's mystery remains unexplored. I look forward to Francesco's guitar technique course. I'll be practicing right along with everyone else!"

"Technique, something all guitarists work on forever. It is the evil curse, but the incredible awe inspiring drive to be the best we can! I love it! I hate it! Best of luck with the school!"

"Well shred to me represents someone who has great technique so shredding is important to me because it's always better to have an overabundance of technique than to be lacking this way you are always prepared."